Paintings based on photos taken from the roof of the Shangri-La hotel in Santa Monica .

Roof shot series.

During my stay in Los Angeles 2000 I took several photos from the roof of the Shangri-La Hotel in Santa Monica where I was staying.

These photos became the starting point for the six paintings ‘View from the Shangri-La Hotel’

Some of the paintings included the ventilation shaft and the view of Santa Monica Pier.

Later on I found out that the hotel in the distance – ‘The Georgian’ near to the pier was the hotel that the late legendary film star of the twenties ’Fatty Arbuckle’ died in.

The views out to sea from the hotel include a figure sitting near to a waste bin.

Not all the views from the hotel were picturesque, as there are a lot of homeless people who use the park area, as a recreation area and sleep there at night.

Afterwards the painting ‘Assignation’ reminded me of a film still from some film I had seen or imagined, where a couple had pulled in to a hotel and all that indicated that they were inside was was a couple of cars parked outside.