Paintings Drawings and Prints in this section are older in nature but forms a considerable body of relevant material. Not all of the work that I have created is on the site but can be made availble for you to view should you be interested in acquiring an item, please feel free to contact me.

Painting Archive

To see the images at a larger size and in their entirity hover over the image with your cursor and click.

Print Achive


Lithographs £275.00-£375.00      Silkscreens £275.00 -£295.00      Monotype/Silkscreen £475.00      Woodcuts £250.00      Woodcuts/silkscreen £275.00      Monotypes £575.00      Etchings £175.00 (small) £ 375.00

Works on Paper

Many of the works on this and other pages are for sale.

If you are interested in purchasing an item then please feel free to contact me by filling in this form. Or send me an email.