LA Paintings

I have visited Los Angeles frequently over the years and taken photos that were used as a basis for paintings.

The paintings divide themselves into various groupings. The Beach at Santa Monica, the areas around Westchester, Lincoln Boul., views from Hotels, and residential shots.

Some of the paintings are concerned with  tract housing, post-war developments to house people involved with local industries. Some of the paintings were about the relationship between housing and nature i.e. small houses large trees dominating the various sites. After looking closely at the photos, sometimes years later that the ideas for the work revealed themselves.

Various paintings indicate that all is not well in these sunny climes, and that there is an underlining threat that lurks in the David Lynchian shadows .

On completion of the paintings I realised that the climate i.e. skies, weather clouds were more like British climate i.e. skies, weather etc more dull and atmospheric than in the intense light in Los Angeles.

Painting light from memory can be surprising.