I have made prints along side my painting for many years. Initially the prints were etchings and lino-cuts, and made in a fairly ad hoc way i.e. I didn’t bother editioning them, as I was more interested in the results, and getting on with the next idea.

These etchings were proofed by me and issued as Artist’s Proofs. This situation changed in 1982 – When I was commissioned to make prints and started working in various Print Studios including Glasgow Print Workshop, Advanced Graphics London, Coriander Prints London, and Sky Editions London.

This work is for now for sale.

Sometimes the ideas for the prints are linked to the paintings, but usually they are off shoots of ideas that concerned me at the time.  These editioned works encompass Lithographs, Silkscreen,woodcuts, monotypes and mixed media prints.

This portfolio section shows only a small selection of my work, a more extensive offering is available to view in the Archive section.


Lithographs    £275.00-£375.00
Silkscreens     £275.00 -£295.00
Monotype/Silkscreen   £475.00
Woodcuts £250.00
Woodcuts/silkscreen £275.00
Monotypes £575.00
Etchings £175.00 (small) £ 375.00